Commercial Blueberry Picking
Everyday Weather Permitting

$5.00 Per Bucket

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Quality Pruning for Larger Berries

Welcome To Mac Berry Farms

Nova Scotia’s Family Friendly Berry Picking in The Valley

Welcome to Mac Berry Farms, one of the best blueberry farms in Annapolis Valley for U-Pick and commercial picking. Pickers for both commercial and family alike can invest time raspberry and blueberry picking right here on our farm. Located in Centerville, Nova Scotia, we provide the surrounding areas a family friendly environment for berry picking leisures.

Natural & Delicious!

U-Pick Blueberries & Raspberries

All families and friends are invited for U-Pick blueberries and raspberries directly from the bush. Get fresh berries for cheaper costs than local markets to buy the freshest batch hand-picked by your own hands. In our child-safe environment you can pick on your own time and enjoy a family venture without hassles.

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Commercial Picking

Pickers Always Welcomed & Needed!

Blueberry & Raspberry Picking

Our commercial pickers are the life-blood of our farm. Without commercial blueberry and raspberry pickers, our crops are wasted. That's why we welcome all persons who are interested in picking to stop by for a relaxed environment - picking at your own pace with little competition and ongoing support from our haulers. This is the best way for you to 'get in the groove'.

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Quality Pruning For Better Growth

Our blueberry and raspberry bushes have recently been pruned by a large margin. While last year may have yeilded slightly smaller berries, this year will be our best year for picking. Each bush has been carefully pruned for maximum growth potential to produce greater sized berries that benefits u-pick and commercial pickers.

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Different Locations

Blueberry Farm

This is our primary location where we spend most of our time. Here is where we spend most of our time during the season, as this is where all of our blueberry bushes are grown and picked.

Raspberry Farm

Although a much shorter season, we have a dedicated farm to producing raspberries. This location will be brief for pickers to pick as much as possible in a short period of time.

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