Take Your Pick, We Need You Out Here!

Blueberry Commercial Picking

We're Always Looking For Pickers

Due to the variety of blueberries we have, and the various fields on our farm, we are always in need of commercial pickers. This guarantees that all blueberries are picked at the appropriate times, with a specific ripe that is consistent with that particular family of blueberry. Sometimes different fields ripen within the same week/month, which means we need more teams of pickers to handle the load.

Good Working Conditions

Our conditions for working have been very relaxed. We allow most people to bring chairs, their own baskets, and containers, amongst other 'quality of life' objects that make working in the hot sun a lot easier. We do have policies and standards, but do our best to accommodate all types of pickers of young age, old age, or even handicapped.

Raspberry Commercial Picking

Experienced Pickers Wanted

Raspberry season is very brief yet still incredibly important. We have a dedicated team that handles raspberry picking, however we are always in need of more experienced raspberry pickers to help reduce the load on our workers and ensure that all raspberries are picked as soon as their ready.

Supplies For Commercial Picking

Don't have any supplies? Don't worry! We provide everything you need to get going. There's no need to purchase tools, buckets, or any additional components to pick blueberries or raspberries on our farm.

Our Availability

CAll our picker hotline for working hours each day. You can also check out Facebook for updates on our hours dpending on the weather. As a standard rule, blueberries can only be picked when it's dry, however our normal hours are 9:00am - 4/5:00pm, 7 days a week.

We may have extended hours in peak season to pick until 7:30pm. In addition, we can occassionally start at 8:00am. If it has rained the night prior we won't start until 12:00pm. As the weather permits, our hours may fluctuate.

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