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Valley’s Best U-Pick Blueberries & Raspberries

Stop on by for deluctable and fresh U-Pick blueberries and raspberries in Annapolis Valley. Our location in Centerville, NS has been a staple for local areas of Kentville, New Minas, and Wolfville, to provide delicious berries at half the price. All pie-lovers, bakers, markets, and families can enjoy affordable blueberries and raspberries in a family-friendly environment while you take your pick.

U-Pick Blueberries

Visit our main location for our primary product: blueberries. U-Pick has been the mainstay of our farm for generations, giving local residents a safe farm to pick their own blueberries at their own pace. Children of all ages are welcomed, as we keep our U-Pick field separate from any machinery or 'farm traffic'. Elderly can enjoy as well, with no time limits to how long or how much you pick.

U-Pick Raspberries

If you manage to visit us during raspberry season, you can enjoy U-Pick raspberries while supplies last. Because this is the shortest berry season, we urge anyone looking to pick their own raspberries to please plan ahead. Our schedule for raspberry picking is very different than blueberries and wish for all customers to have a fair chance for U-Pick.

Many Types of Blueberries

For Any Cooking, Baking, or Edible Needs!

We have many types of blueberries from different breeds and families of specimens that can fit any cooking needs. Our blueberries vary in size, shape, firmness, and (sugary) taste. Each berry is different, and each berry is better suited for specific cooking or baking preferences.

Soft & Sweet Raspberries

If you're into raspberry edibles, we have the best berries in the Valley. All of our raspberry bushes are trimmed each year to produce fuller berries with sweeter taste and vibrant colors. Because this berry is harder to maintain, we are one of the few berry farms that carry this produce.

Full of Color, Full of Flavor

Family Friendly For Children of All Ages

Our farm is family-friendly with a safe environment for young ages and the elderly.

Don't Be Shy, Stop On By

There's no need to call in advance, simply visit us during our regular business hours for any U-Pick blueberry or raspberry services.

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